A teenager goes in search of his dead girlfriend's alternate-universe duplicate

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I Am Number Four didn't exactly light the box office on fire, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood believing in the power of young adult science fiction adaptations. Now in development: Through To You, a parallel-universe love story.


The team behind the Sundance fave Like Crazy, Drake Doremus, Jonathan Schwartz and Ben York Jones, will reunite with their distributor Paramount Pictures for the adaptation of Through To You, Emily Hainsworth's young-adult novel coming in 2012 from Harper Collins. It's about "a grieving teen who discovers a parallel world in which his girlfriend is still alive." [via L.A. Times]

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One of my many notions for novels involves experiences of memories from multiple parallel universes, with the obvious possibility that a character might become aware of someone in a parallel universe whose counterpart they hope to encounter in their own. Other twists - are those alien invaders coming in my universe, etc.