A Surprisingly Cinematic Look Behind-the-Scenes at The Mummy

Our first look at The Mummy was filled with a bit more explosive action than perhaps some of the creepy dread you might have expected from an update to the classic monster movie. But to accompany the trailer Universal has also released a new behind-the-scenes featurette that’s a little more measured—and filled with new looks at the film.

Interspersing Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, and director Alex Kurtzman’s talking heads, the featurette shines a few spotlights on some of the film’s elaborate action sequences (including the plane crash from the trailer), and also some surprisingly pretty shots from filming—like slo-mo shots of gorgeous vistas, the backs of cast and crew heads framing different images, and an artistically placed crew radio. It’s a surprisingly fancy for your typical sort of behind-the-scenes reel.

You also get to see Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise kick the bejesus out of each other for a scene, which is very fun. And plenty more shots of Boutella’s titular Mummy, both in chains and also kicking some ass, both pre- and post-mummification.

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