A Surprising Scientific Use For Powdered Milk

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Hey, friends, what do you recommend I do with this pile of powdered milk here? Stir it up with some water and drink it for the calcium? Use it to make some candy? OR MAYBE I SHOULD SCIENCE WITH IT?


io9’s comment of the day today comes from commenter and biological researcher DarkPrince010 who explains why powdered milk isn’t just a good emergency supply, it’s also an underrated lab tool:

Storebought dry milk is used all the time when doing protein blots in biological research, to saturate the remainder of the blot you’re working with so all kinds of other crap doesn’t bind to it.


Good to know, DarkPrince010.

Image: Filimages / Shutterstock

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I’d prefer to science with Non-Dairy creamer as it’s inexplicably super flammable.