A Surprising Familiar Face Returns for Arrow's Next Episode

Cheer up, Ollie, it’s not all bad.
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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Lupita Nyong’o signs up for a new movie that’s basically sci-fi Miss Congeniality. Candyman director Nia DaCosta says the new candyman does not replace Tony Todd. Warm Bodies is getting reworked as a new TV series. Plus, new pictures from Pennyworth and The Flash, and what’s to come on iZombie. To me, my spoilers!


Miss Universe

Lupita Nyong’o will reteam with her Little Monsters director Abe Forsythe for a new sci-fi comedy only described as “Men in Black meets Miss Congeniality.” [Deadline]


Without going into detail, director Nia DaCosta confirmed to Collider that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s incarnation of the Candyman does not “replace” Tony Todd’s.

Well, it’s been slightly misreported. I can’t say what’s happening in the film because we want it to be a surprise, but he’s not replacing Tony Todd. That’s been reported, and I was just like, ‘I don’t know what to say about this. This is not right.’


Ad Astra

IndieWire reports James Gray’s sci-fi drama starring Brad Pitt has been removed entirely from Fox’s release schedule. The outlet reports Gray is now “editing” with “fall festivals in mind.”



Bloody-Disgusting has three more images from this summer’s awesome-looking killer alligator movie, Crawl.


The Angry Birds Movie 2

The Angry Birds form a queasy alliance with the Green Pigs in a new poster from Coming Soon.



Here’s the rather lovely IMAX poster for Guy Ritchie’s live-action Aladdin. [Coming Soon]



Evangeline Lilly will star in the streaming platform Vudu’s first original series—a sci-fi mystery titled, Albedo. Set 150 years in the future, the series follows Detective Vivien Coleman (Lilly) as she investigates a scientist’s mysterious death aboard a remote space station. Coleman “soon finds herself trapped and cut-off from Earth, along with the station’s small crew of brilliant scientists—all murder suspects—all harboring their own secrets…What begins as a classic murder mystery evolves into a fight for survival that may threaten the future of our species.”



Warm Bodies: The Series

A TV series based on the 2013 zombie romance film, Warm Bodies, is now in development at Lionsgate as part of the company’s deal with director Jonathan Levine.



Castle Rock

Speaking with IndieWire, director Greg Yaitanes promised Castle Rock’s second season focusing on Annie Wilkes will feel more “urgent” than the first.

We wanted to evolve the look on a visual level, and move [more] and be with characters more. One of the things that worked well with ‘The Queen’ was point of view. That episode had a strong point of view of character, so [we’re] bringing that into Annie’s story and giving the show […] more urgency this year, more tension. We’re taking the things that worked well in Season 1 and taking them up a level.

We’re seeing more of Castle Rock than we did last year. It’s set back in the town. We’re going back to familiar places, and new places the story didn’t touch on.



Epix released cast portraits from the new series starring Batman’s butler, Alfred. More at KSiteTV.


The Flash

Team Flash investigates the crime of the toppled over bench in pictures from “The Girl With Red Lightning”, next week’s episode of The Flash. Head over to Coming Soon for more.



Meanwhile, the ghost of Tommy Merlyn gives Oliver a hard time in TV Line’s photos from “Living Proof, the next episode of Arrow. More haunting imagery at the link.


Cloak & Dagger

Tandy loses her daggers in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Vikingtown Sound.


Finally, Liv eats the brains of a bodybuilder in the trailer for next week’s episode of iZombie, “Dead Lift.

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