Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

We've got tons of thrilling, and possibly true, spoilers for Batman: The Dark Knight, including new photos of Batman's sweet wheels, the "Tumbler." Also, click through to find out who makes a surprising reappearance in the new season of Battlestar. Plus we have another batch of Lost spoilers, including two more new clips. Click through to spoil your morning.

Spoilers and rumors for Batman: The Dark Knight: The new Batsuit will have "radar-mapping abilities," and Batman's irises will turn white when he uses this ability. (Ugh.) District Attorney Harvey Dent announces publicly that he's the Batman, and runs for Gotham mayor promising 18 crime-free months. We probably get to see his face-scarring and descent into Two-Face-hood.


Anthony Michael Hall's character may be a rich playboy who's jealous of Bruce Wayne. Someone tries (probably unsuccessfully) to blackmail Lucius Fox into giving up the Batman's identity. But Maggie Gillenhaal actually does "out" Bruce to the Joker. Which just proves that you should never trust a submissive secretary with your secret identity. [UGO]

Meanwhile, here are some new pics of the Tumbler, Batman's new dirt-buggy/tank ride. [Batman On Film]


More spoilers:

  • The second episode of the new Battlestar Galactica season will focus on the Cylon six, and we'll get to see more of the idealized "virtual" Gaius Baltar that Caprica Six sees all the time. [TriciaHelferFan]
  • As we reported, Cally supposedly commits suicide in Battlestar episode three. And in episode four, the Cylon Centurions discover they have a device in their brains that prevents them from having free will, and they rise up against the humanoid Cylons. Another rumor says that the humanoid Cylons vote on whether to cease attacks against the Galactica's fleet because the final five Cylons are there and may not be able to resurrect. One humanoid Cylon, unhappy with the vote's outcome, "encourages" the Centurions to kill the others. [BattlestarWiki]
  • Episode six of the current Lost season will reveal more of Juliet's history on the island, including her reaction to the death of her lover Goodwin at the hands of Ana-Lucia. We won't get to find out what the boat people want with Ben any time soon, because the actors playing them don't even know. In an upcoming episode, the boat people test each other for psychic powers. [E! Online]
  • And here are two more Lost clips, on top of the two we posted yesterday. [LylyFord]
  • An upcoming Sarah Connor Chronicles episode will give us a glimpse inside Summer Glau's head, and you get to see quite how robotic her thought really is. [E! Online again]
  • Those X-Files 2 set pics we showed you a while back? The ones with the werewolf? Apparently they were a hoax, a source close to the movie claims. [Bloody Disgusting]

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