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The year is 1967, and Banning James, a young poet with the ability to psychically inflict his own experiences onto others, thinks he's on his way to Boston. But his plans change when he gets caught up in an anti-Vietnam War protest, one that ends with an act of destruction that never occurred in our timeline.


Just Another Sheep is written by Mat Heagerty and drawn by JD Faith (and supported by a team that handles colors, flats, and letters). The webcomic opens with Banning on the bus to Boston as he's being threatened by a pair of toughs. Banning is a skinny, quiet kid with crappy vision, who writes poetry in his notebook and wears a peace sign on his bag. But he can hold his own in a fight thanks to his bizarre superpower: he can make anyone feel any physical sensation he's ever felt. He can make them feel as sick as he's ever felt, the pain from a broken arm, his greatest memories of euphoria. Threats in Banning's path tend to end up doubled over.

But Banning finds himself not in Boston, but in Washington, DC, where he gets caught up with a group of young protestors. With the promise of a ride to Boston and swept up in their cause (and fun), Banning joins their storming of the White House lawn, an endeavor that goes horribly wrong.


While the backdrop of Lyndon Johnson's America is a familiar one, Just Another Sheep isn't set in our timeline. It's an alternate history of the 1960s, one in which a shadowy secret society is looking to tug violently on the world's strings—a society that's well aware of Banning's powers. Banning James is about to embark on the classic 1960s roadtrip, but it's going to be across an American landscape that has been radically altered.

JD Faith also has a Kickstarter campaign running for another comic he penciled, VIRGIL, about a recently outed gay cop fighting across Jamaica to rescue his lover and get revenge on the people who wronged him.

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