A Superpowered Movie From the Director of Train to Busan Is Coming to Netflix

Image: Train to Busan. Pan Media/Well Go USA
Image: Train to Busan. Pan Media/Well Go USA

Over the past few months, Netflix has really gotten into establishing itself as a place for Asian-made genre content. Between the oodles of anime series its licensing and a whole host of Korean acquisitions, it’s becoming a go-to place for foreign genre. Now it’s bolstering that with a new Korean superhero movie.


Psychokinesis, the next project from Yeon Sang-ho—the director of the Korean smash hit zombie epic Train to Busan—follows the story of a young father who goes on a journey to save his troubled daughter, after discovering he possesses psychic superpowers. Given the huge success of Train to Busan in South Korea, there’s been a lot of interest around Sang-Ho’s first follow-up, but now we’ll be able to see it on Netflix worldwide thanks to a deal with South Korean company Next Entertainment World.

It’s another big Korean acquisition from Netflix, after its successful collaboration with Bong Joon-Ho for Okja, and its recent announcement that it’ll bring the Korean medieval zombie show Kingdom to its service next year. It’s a very good time for South Korean genre shows and films, and thankfully we’ll actually get to see them thanks to deals like this. Plus, if Sang-ho can do for superpowers what he did for zombies in Train to Busan, we’re in for a great treat. Psychokinesis is set to hit Netflix some time in 2018.




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This is totally awesome. Netflix is great for Asian films in general (and tons of K-Drama’s which they think I love) however there is a special place in my heart for Korean Sci-Fi Action. With our action movies looking kind of looking all the same the Korean (and Hong Kong too) offerings are always fun to watch, even if they’re oftentimes nonsensical.