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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Tom Holland calls Spider-Man the world’s biggest indie movie. Ghostbusters may have added a former Game of Thrones star. Bryan Fuller lists an unorthodox inspiration for the American Gods show. Plus sneak peeks for the new Toho Godzilla and Supergirl’s midseason finale. To me, my Spoilers!


Preload your Bat-salt shakers for this one, but Latino Review is reporting that, in a move to capitalize on his multi-picture deal with Warner Bros. after Suicide Squad, Will Smith is looking to play a major role in the Affleck-directed solo Batman film as Deadshot. And reportedly decision-makers behind the scenes on the DC movies are excited to see Affleck and Smith together on Batman. As ever with unsourced reports like these, just treat this as speculation/rumor for now.


Willow 2

Ron Howard discusses the possibility of a sequel to the beloved fantasy film:

Right now, the Lucasfilm team led by Kathleen Kennedy, who is an old dear friend, is entirely myopically focused on the Star Wars universe as you can imagine. So I think the immediate possibility of another Willow movie is probably not on the front burner. But Warwick Davis is such a cool guy, and he’s continued to evolve as a talent … man, he’s Willow! And a grown-up Willow could be kind of cool, so, I’d say never say never.




Star Tom Holland describes the feeling of the film as the world’s biggest indie film:

It’s not The Dark Knight. One of the special things about what we’re going to try and create is that you’re going to see the biggest independent film ever. It’s not going to be an epic thing; it’s going to be a film surrounded by these incredible things, but that follows this boy and his life. Peter Parker is a favorite of many because everyone can relate to him, and we’re going to try to make everyone relate to our Peter Parker. And John Hughes is a perfect example of what we’re going to try and do.


[The Daily Beast]


Inverse is reporting that Sony has allegedly confirmed to them that Charles Dance has been cast in a mysterious, undisclosed role in the Paul Feig movie.


The Dark Tower

Following the news that Matthew McConaughey had been approached to play either the lead or the villain in the long-in-development film, Deadline is now reporting that Idris Elba is the frontrunner to play gunslinger Roland Deschain, the hero of the piece.


Godzilla Resurgence

Toho have released a new poster for the film, giving us our first look at Japan’s latest incarnation of Godzilla. Go to the link to see a brief teaser video for the film, featuring crowds of Japanese pedestrians running from a mysterious unseen creature (presumably Godzilla) that was seen being filmed recently. [Film School Rejects]

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Captain America: Civil War

Speaking to ET Online (warning: autoplaying video at the link), Emily VanCamp teases a potential setup for romance between Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers:

We get to explore... I can’t say we are going to that extent of it, but they are certainly getting to know each other. And they know he each other are.

That’s where it all gets really tricky, because there are die-hard fans that want to see him with different people. There’s all the different camps, so hopefully people are happy with it.

X-Men Apocalypse

Here’s a motion poster to go with today’s teaser trailer.


Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Speaking of teasers for trailers, here’s a short video informing you that the trailer for Fantastic Beasts will release on December 15th.

American Gods

Bryan Fuller cites a strange influence on how the show will approach the sex scenes of the book:

Like the sex in Fight Club. That’s mostly CG. They scanned Helena Bonham Carter and Brad Pitt in various positions, and it’s mostly digital.

We have the guy who did that scene in Fight Club and said, ‘You have to top that, and not spend $1.5 million,’ The cool thing with American Gods is that we are not necessarily creating new technology, but we’re re-purposing existing technology in a way that would give you photorealistic CG.



Mystery Science Theatre 3000

The revival of the show has announced a slew of behind-the-scenes hires: Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Rob Schrab, Nell Scovell, Ernie Cline, Pat Rothfuss, Dana Gould, and Robert Lopez will all contribute scripts to the show.


Meanwhile, the series has also hired several animators and artists: Wayne White, Pendleton Ward, Guy Davis, and Rebecca and Steven Sugar. [CBR]


Melinda Clarke has been cast as Grace Van Dahl, a recurring character who is not from the comics. Van Dahl is described as “desperate for money and power”, and always “plotting how she can lie and cheat—and even kill!—to get what she wants.” [E! Online]


The 100

The third and fourth episodes of season three have been given titles: “Ye Who Enter Here” and “Watch the Thrones,” respectively. [Spoiler TV]



Finally, Cat tries to deal with a hack on her personal emails in a clip from the midseason finale, “Hostile Takeover”.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Batman v Superman.


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