Jedi or not, Ahsoka Tano stands ready.
Image: Lucasfilm
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After waiting years to wonder if it would ever get the conclusion it truly deserved, we finally have a look at the beginning of the Clone Wars’ end—and no one is prepared. Well, except Palpatine, probably.


Lucasfilm has just released our first look at the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, set to begin on Disney+ next month. The footage teases several previously known but never-seen storylines that have long been teased for the series in the wake of its initial, untimely cancellation in the aftermath of Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm.

From the adventures of Ahsoka after she leaves the Jedi Order, to the sinister machinations of Darth Maul, it all culminates with the siege of Mandalore—as Ahsoka returns to her old master’s side one last time to help bring an end to it all. We can’t wait.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns one last time on Disney+ February 21.

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