A Stranded Man Stumbles Across a Freaky Haunted Mansion in Surreal Animated Short Macabre

Image: Gunpowder & Sky
Image: Gunpowder & Sky

We’ve been fans of filmmaker Jerónimo Rocha since we first saw his unsettling scifi horror short, Dédalo. His latest, Macabre, is quite a bit different in some ways (the biggest: it’s animated instead of live-action), but it’s also the tale of a lone survivor caught in an utterly terrifying situation.


In this case, the protagonist is a stranded motorist who stumbles into a convenient nearby mansion filled with strange artifacts, and, he soon realizes, is actually a shape-shifting place that’s definitely not of this world. The black and white (with occasional dabs of color) animation is very cool, and you won’t even notice the lack of dialogue, since the music is so expressive.

Damn, that’s a hell of an ending.


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Derek C. F. Pegritz

Man, DUST have been batting over a thousand lately! This is, like, a short story by H. P. Lovecraft and Thomas Ligotti adapted for German Expressionist cinema by Shane Carruth.