If you need small bursts of weird diversion, you'll want to read the short story that author Matthew Battles is finishing on Twitter today and tomorrow. He welcomes feedback on this uncanny tale of narwhals and neural hacking.

Battles writes in to tell us:

I'm throwing together a microserialized uncanny scifi epic for Twitter. Called "Makes the Man," it will feature narwhals, neural hacking, uncanny wearable computers, and mayhem on the Arctic ice. I'll be judiciously soliciting hacks and add-ons from reader/followers using the hashtag #makestheman. I don't know if this sort of thing is worth doing, but it's harmless and fun. I'll be tweeting it from my own account, @MatthewBattles.


Battles has no plan to overwhelm you - the story will probably only be about 60 tweets total. He posted about a third of the story yesterday, so you can sample what he's done already. Zoom over to his twitter feed to check it out!

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