A Story About Pluto, Romantically-Inclined Robots And Tiny Spacesuits

We invited you to tell us a six-word science fiction story today, and you responded with stories that ranged all over time and space, from the furthest reaches of the solar system to the here and now... with a slight detour onto a parallel track.

Image: Artist's conception of the view of Pluto, from one of its moons. / NASA - Hubble


Here are a couple of our favorites:

"NOW I'm a planet," Pluto exclaimed. — richardrae1, on the very loneliest of the not-quite planets

On Mondays they turned gravity off. — Fable, who is having a better Monday than any of us.

Sign: SPOT A HUMAN? DIAL 1110001111 — ChartreuseSlaad

Our lips touching, she whispered, "001010111010010111010001010111011011111001..." —missedtarget, translating sweet nothings into binary


Lost: Deoxyribonucleic acid of anagram ability. — RemusShepherd

Cat carrier reviews. Schrödinger's mixed results. — spocko

Beware: baby shoes are a trap. — scarletshark, adding a warning to Hemingway's famous chestnut.


Scientist beside himself; cloning machine worked! — universalcode Cloning! Beside himself! Get it, guys? GET IT? Guys?

"Welcome to my mind." "YOUR mind?" — ShapeWright

For Sale: Baby spacesuit, never worn. — Thornus267, who offers apologies to Hemingway


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