A Stop Motion Apocalypse And Time Traveling Tips

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Doesn't everyone know the rules of time traveling already? Well apparently, no, they don't. Plus, check out this end of the world short and see how miniature Earth is left in ruins.

Ghost Machine
What would happen if the Ender's Game kids started up their own virtual Gitmo? British film Ghost Machine shows what happens when a bunch of techies get their hands on a government virtual soldier training program. But when a spirit from the abandoned prison seeps into the game, all hell breaks loose. This direct-to-DVD release actually looks pretty exciting.


The Tesla Device -
I'm intrigued by The Tesla Device. The main character Tommy uncovers a sciencey machine in his brand new house that his dead mom bought for him and made sure he would get upon his graduation. Sure, fine. But then things get tricky: It turns out this isn't any ordinary sciencey machine - it's a TESLA sciencey machine. So that changes everything. Then, Tommy starts time traveling and, from what I'm guess to the trailer, things get WAY out of hand for him and his fake-accented girlfriend and he eventually becomes some sort of Gollum with goggles. Time travel movies set in the here and now always piss me off because by now, everyone should have seen one of the Back to The Futures and realized that meddling = Biffworld, so time travel bad. Also major props to the "jerk" actor who pushes the girlfriend in the most ridiculous way I've ever seen. Hey man! That's my lady you just chucked across the bar! I think I'm going to like this movie...

For more information check out the Tesla Device site.

Star Searcher
Thanks to Quiet Earth for pointing out this strange little stop motion wax people and end of the Earth short. It's not very long, but pretty endearing. But I'm still trying to decide how many people are left on planet Earth now that it's destroyed. Creator Adam Brown, who made this for graduate school at Ryerson, certainly knows how to make his miniature cities - even the skies are lovely. Not a huge fan of the robot's name (robot), but I'm a big fan of the creature itself. It's very pretty, check it out.


Starsearcher from Adam Brown on Vimeo.

Tales of Ancients
Did you know they were making a sequel to The Sword And The Sorcerer? Neither did I. I also didn't know that they got the mighty Hercules to star in it. Behold its beauty and incorporation of Fantasy Shaky cam. Super rough clips via Twitch...


TAE_ROUGH_CUT_CLIP_3_OCT_27 from Albert Pyun on Vimeo.


Tales of an Ancient Empire_ROUGH_CUT_Clip_4-Oct_27 from Albert Pyun on Vimeo.

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