A stop-motion animated history of Earth

Feast your eyes on this stop-motion music video by animator Kevin Parry. The short took about six months to film, and required hundreds of paper cutouts, but we think you'll agree that Parry did a pretty great job serving up a splendid depiction of Earth's past, present and (possible) future.


Highlights of the stop-mo short — which was created to accompany the song in the background, Kalle Matson's Thick as Thieves — include the big bang, the K—T extinction event, the building extraterrestrial arrival of the Egyptian pyramids, the moon landing, and the fall of humanity at the hands of a giant metal man. Oh — and also, levitating dragons. [Kevin Parry via reddit]

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My favorite bit was the small dinosaur growing evolving feathers because the bigger dinosaurs were hogging the ball.