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A Stellar Webcomic About A Fantasy Princess Transported To Our World

Illustration for article titled A Stellar Webcomic About A Fantasy Princess Transported To Our World

The French cartoonist Boulet routinely releases brilliant, genre-busting stories, like the magical realist roommate story Darkness or the time paradox romance Paola-4. In his latest short comic story, a princess enters our world thanks to a wizard—and finds her relationship to her rescuer prince vastly changed.


Now, you may think at first that you've heard this song before. After all, Enchanted involved a Disney fairytale princess who must adjust to life in the real world. But Boulet's Kingdoms Lost is a quieter, more reflective story.

When the wizard Morglox opens a portal from his swords and sorcery world into our real world, the princess Blanche walks through. At first, she expects that her beloved Prince will rescue her, but when it becomes clear that magic doesn't work in our world, Blanche finally decides to explore the city around her—and explores herself for the first time. For the first time in her life, she's able to make her own decisions—and she has to decide whether she prefers the pretty illusions of the world she left behind or the freedom of her new life.


And she'll have to decide, in the end, whether she really wants to be saved, or whether she already has been.

[Kingdoms Lost]

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Oh god yes thank you for posting this, more people need to know about this guy.

I had a british friend turn me on to Boulet. I showed him the Darkness comic and he was like "Oh, right, Boulet." I asked who that was, and he did one of those mouth-aspirating "What, you don't know?" noises and linked me to Boulet's english blog.

Time quickened, and a full EIGHT HOURS later I emerged from the other side gasping for brain air and needing a cigarette. I've been following every update since, often sneaking peaks at the french version of the blog to see what's coming up next. The guy's work is brilliant, and his ability to crank out long form comics at a superhuman pace has inspired intense jealousy in every artist friend I have.

He also draws entirely in pen. No pencils. Ink goes right on the paper with pretty much no corrections needed. You can see Youtube videos of him doing it. It's fucking terrifying.

Other funfact: Boulet actually does all the translations himself (and re-draws as necessary which seems like an insane amount of work) and relies on his readerbase to correct any Frenglish that creeps into the comics. You can drop a note in his comments section with grammar corrections and he'll make the fix.

tl;dr I'd kill a man to have Boulet's work ethic.