A Star Wars Riff That Only A Stoner Could Love

The worst Star Wars rip-off isn't Star Crash, it's Galaxina, the 1980 vehicle for Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten, who was murdered soon afterwards. And of course Galaxina has to have its own annoying cantina scene, complete with aliens pretending that they can drink through the holes in their rubber masks. This one includes robot hands playing a piano backwards (hilarious!), a disco robot lady serving drinks to a gorilla-headed babe, a backwards-chested woman... and possibly the first appearance of Jar Jar. We only wish we could be as stoned as the blue disco-wig girl at the end. (Warning: a glimpse of a painting that shows bare breasts could render this NSFW.)

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@diverguy: sorry...if you want sci-fi

babe-o-meter scale breaking films you only need to go as high as

Dracula 2000...that cast is a who's who of sci-fi...and they're all

pretty...even the men.