A Star Trek character says he'll be back in the sequel. Plus Green Lantern logo, and early Let Me In review!

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One of Star Trek's minor characters is sure he'll return in the sequel. There's a Green Lantern poster, Jonah Hex clips, and an early review of Let Me In. Plus Doctor Who, Captain America, Twilight, Haven, True Blood and Fringe.


Star Trek 12:

Deep Roy, who played Scotty's alien sidekick (along with the Ooompa Loompas in Burton's Willy Wonka and Mister Sin on Doctor Who), seems to believe he'll definitely back in the next Trek movie, according to this interview from the SciFi Expo in Texas. [My Free Netflix Blog]

Captain America:

We reported it as a rumor, but apparently it's official: Neal McDonough will play Dum Dum Dugan in this film. [Deadline]

This cool-looking poster has been floating around this past weekend, and was rumored to be your first poster for this film — but apparently inside sources say it's not real. [Comic Book Movie]

Green Lantern:

Apparently this is the new film's official logo. More images at the link. [Slashfilm]


Jonah Hex:

Some new TV spots:

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:

There's a featurette, plus a couple of TV spots. [SpoilerTV-Movies]

Let Me In:

Someone caught a test screening of this remake of the amazing Swedish vampire film, and spilled the beans to Cinemablend. The film starts with a man with acid burns on his face being driven to the hospital, but he'd rather die than tell the cops what happened to him. We hear Reagan on the television warning about the evil outside America. Then we jump back in time to winter 1983, in a snowy high desert, where a young boy is being bullied by other kids and ignored by his alcoholic mom. We never see the mom, she's just a blur in the background. And then Abby and her "father" move in next door. The Rubik's Cube scene remains from the original film, and we're not spoonfed any answers in this film, either. Tons more details at the link. [Cinemablend]


Toy Story 3:

Here's a "character poster" that might be new; hard to say after so many posters have come out. [IGN]


Harry Potter:

In the infamous epilogue sequence, stunt assistant Jade Olivia, the real-life girlfriend of Tom Felton, plays Draco Malfoy's wife, Astoria. [MTV]


Doctor Who:

Someone posted a few spoilers for the finale (which are unconfirmed, so grain of salt time) over on Gallifrey Base. In particular, we visit a very, very old planet, briefly. Samuel Pepys gets namechecked. A "familiar face" pops up during the London Blitz. River Song finds a head at Stonehenge, and wields a scifi gun. And most significantly, rumor has it the finale references or borrows from the plot devices of the past episodes "Turn Left" and "The Sound Of Drums." (So I'm thinking a paradox machine, looking into the time vortex, and a universe without the Doctor?) [Gallifrey Base]



Jim Beaver tweets that season six sounds exciting, and "You ain't seen nothin' yet." Meanwhile, Tina Charles tweets that Jensen Ackles will direct the fourth episode. [SpoilerTV]



John Noble really wants Walter to dance the Tango at some point on the show. He also calls the character "like a King Lear on television." And he says that the character is still evolving as he rediscovers his past:

"The memories appear and they hurt him, but he is also finding moments of strength and insight," Noble said, explaining that through the course of a few dozen episodes he has used posture, tremors and voice to show the scientist's physical condition. "He's not the same man we meet in the first episode."


[L.A. Times]

True Blood:

One scene from the season opener feels like it was ripped from naughty fanfic, and the first meeting between Sookie and Eric features one of the show's "oh no they didn't just do that" moments. Both Team Eric and Team Bill will be pleased by the first few episodes. Also, Maryann's big orgies will have lasting consequences for one unlucky couple. And by the time the first episode ends, you'll realize that Bill never had time to watch Disney's Beauty & The Beast. [The TV Addict]


We'll see more flashbacks to Bill's Civil War past, says Stephen Moyer:

We will see one of the reasons why Bill is so tortured. There will be something that explains how his relationship with Lorena evolved. There is some beautiful stuff in there.



Here's a new sneak peek. [True Blood Source]

Joe Manganiello hints that Alcide the werewolf might be back in season four or later, since he's in the tenth Sookie Stackhouse book. [E! Online]


Here's 45 minutes (!) of fans asking questions of the show's stars. [EW]
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Ultimate Fan Experience Q


Here's yet another promo for Syfy's new Stephen King show. [SpoilerTV]

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Torchwood fans rejoice, the BBC have just announced that the series will be back for a brand new season, comprised of 10 episodes.


The new season, which is a co-production between BBC Cymru Wales, BBC Worldwide, and Starz Entertainment in America, will "see storylines widen to include locations in the U.S. and around the world," and we can expect to see both John Barrowman and Eve Myles back in their respective roles, along with a few new faces.