Welcome to Dean Cain week, when we'll be posting a new Dean Cain clip, every single day! Today's outing is Futuresport, a 1998 TV movie (with a surprising amount of cussing and nudity on the DVD) about the most futuristic sport ever: Futuresport!


Written by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Andromeda scribe Robert Hewitt Wolfe, this movie is surprisingly fun and self-aware, despite its goofy premise. Basically, Futuresport started as a game to keep the gangs in L.A. from killing each other. But now it's become a major world sport, with Tre "The Pharoah" Ramzey (Cain) as its biggest star — but Tre's ego has gotten too big and he's lost perspective. Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend, a crusading reporter played by Vanessa Williams, is investigating terrorists who want Hawaii to separate from the United States.

So Tre comes up with the best idea ever: He'll redeem himself by organizing the most important game of Futuresport ever. Winner takes Hawaii! (Loser takes Alaska, I guess. I kid, I kid.) The United States (or North American Alliance) plays against the Pacific states, which basically want Hawaii to become part of their Pacific group of nations. But with the fate of a U.S. state at stake, the Asians are playing dirty — and they have an assortment of weird eyepatches!


Oh, and Futuresport looks awesome. It's a mixture of Rollerball, Jai Alai, hockey and a few other games. Including hoverboards and pain sticks. And if you hold onto the ball for more than five seconds, it starts giving you an electric shock, which is called "riding the lightning." Awesome!

So what are YOUR favorite Dean Cain moments, and maybe we can get to some of them later this week!

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