Today’s installment in the Royal Institution’s beautifully designed online Advent calendar, which is themed “A Place Called Space,” features spoken word artist Mark Grist throwing down with a cranky version of himself over whether or not the benefits of space exploration outweigh its costs.

(Funniest skeptical line: “If you spend that much money on anything you’ll at least get a few inventions. All I see is people up there singing David Bowie anthems!”)


If you haven’t yet checked out the RI’s calendar, which features a new daily post through December 24 with creative, space-themed content, you’re not even a week out of the loop. Previous posts have so far included a lovely animated short in which astronaut Helen Sharman, the first Brit in space, talks about her dreams; an infographic that breaks down the stats of all who have been to the International Space Station (fun fact: not having facial hair helps your odds); and a history of Project Mercury illustrated with found footage.

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