Illustration for article titled A Spoken Word Artist Argues With Himself Over Whether or Not Space Travel Is Worth It

Today’s installment in the Royal Institution’s beautifully designed online Advent calendar, which is themed “A Place Called Space,” features spoken word artist Mark Grist throwing down with a cranky version of himself over whether or not the benefits of space exploration outweigh its costs.


(Funniest skeptical line: “If you spend that much money on anything you’ll at least get a few inventions. All I see is people up there singing David Bowie anthems!”)

If you haven’t yet checked out the RI’s calendar, which features a new daily post through December 24 with creative, space-themed content, you’re not even a week out of the loop. Previous posts have so far included a lovely animated short in which astronaut Helen Sharman, the first Brit in space, talks about her dreams; an infographic that breaks down the stats of all who have been to the International Space Station (fun fact: not having facial hair helps your odds); and a history of Project Mercury illustrated with found footage.


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