A Spaceport Bar Braces For The Worst Brawl In History, In AVP Concept Art

This spaceport basks in alien sunlight, through a veil of pollution, but it still manages to look dark and dingy. And the watering hole in the foreground braces for an Alien/Predator smackdown, in new Aliens Vs. Predator game concept art.

The next Aliens Vs. Predator game isn't due out from Sega until next spring, but some fans on the Sega forum discovered what appears to be new concept art. Besides the lovely spaceport above, there's a lush jungle. And a scene of a poor Colonial Marine getting dragged away while an Alien and Predator prepare to throw down — which is almost worthy of one of the Old Masters, what with the Marine's uplifted face, filled with horror.


The fact that the AVP movies are dead remains a very Good Thing. But maybe one more AVP game could be worthwhile? We can hope, anyway. More art at the link. [SEGA Forums]


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