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A Space Commander Has Second Thoughts On A Mission To Mars In 1955's The Conquest Of Space

Illustration for article titled A Space Commander Has Second Thoughts On A Mission To Mars In 1955s iThe Conquest Of Space/i

It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time to check out another classic science fiction film: 1955’s The Conquest of Space!

Here’s the description from Paramount, which included the film in their online vault:

From a space wheel 500 miles above the Earth, commander Samuel Merritt (Walter Brooke) and his men (including Eric Fleming and Benson Fong) construct a sleek robot, then receive orders providing their new craft’s destination: Mars! But once the spaceship is underway, doubts surface. Merritt questions the audacity of humankind’s reach for the heavens. He calls it blasphemy and threatens to destroy the mission. Five-time Oscar. winner George Pal (The War Of The Worlds) produced this adventure rooted in the ‘50s understanding of space exploration... and heightened by the awareness that no matter how advanced science becomes, human weaknesses remain.


So, click play, give it a watch and follow along with your fellow io9 readers in the comments!

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May I reply again?

Now that I’ve watched the film, I realize that I had completely forgotten the story-line and how embarassing the dialog and especially the humor were to me.

And (holding a letherbound book with ribbon markers) “everything is predicted here EXCEPT this!”. What’s going on there. Did ANY group, denomination, or theological school of thought ever say such a thing? Seems to be a case of checkout-tabloid-top-researcher-ism.

But watching the retro-rockets on the leading edge of the landing wing, and the iconic climb to space on a pillar of fire, I can say that it STILL is the great movie I remember.