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A song by a robot who is frustrated with human weirdness

Montreal musician Nash has just released a video for his song "Sad Robot Harmonies," a bittersweet tune about one robot's quest to keep believing in human goodness despite all evidence to the contrary.


Nash says the song is written "from the perspective of a robot with artificial intelligence who's so frustrated with humans and the terrible things that they do that he decides he can't take it anymore and resorts to building himself a tree house so that he can be removed from his human counterparts." Though I'll admit the song gets a bit twee in parts, I still think it's a friendly, wistful tune — and the video makes for a nice dose of odd fun.

The video was directed by Christopher Mills, and the illustrations are by Gaelle Legrand.

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Corpore Metal

It was pretty good tune but I kinda like this one better. No, I really have no idea it's about, not that I really care. I just like the sound is all.