A software tool allows you to monitor the emotions of people chatting on Twitter

By monitoring the status updates of 2.4 million twitter users, sociologists at Cornell have harvested close to half a billion tweets to generate one of the world's most impressive social barometers ever: a searchable dataset that reveals hour-by-hour tweeting trends all around the world. And the best part is they've gone and made the dataset public.

The researchers analyzed the data for hundreds of words like "happy," "excited," "fearful," and "sad" to reveal that all over the world, people's moods tend to follow similar patterns of high and low throughout the day. According to the researchers, people tend to be most upbeat around breakfast time, but this mood tends to wane over the course of the day before rebounding later in the evening.


And while the researchers may have probed the dataset for indicators of mood, you can search their data to reveal trends on just about anything you want! Just don't expect a publication out of it.

You can read all about the scientist's findings, which are published in the latest issue of Science, over at Discovery News.

Top image via Picsfive/Shutterstock + HONGKIAT.com

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