A Sneak Preview of Darth Maul's Return & My Little Pony's inspired take on Spielberg's Warhorse

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Clone Wars takes the week off, but we've got a sneak preview of the season finale featuring an appearance by Darth Maul! This Saturday morning also brings clips from this week's episodes of Adventure Time, Archer, and a couple of new reader request shows! Minor spoilers ahead!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "The Phantom Menace Darth Maul Teaser"

Clone Wars is off this week, but here's a look at one of the best characters in the prequel universe in his return during the finale of season 4. This teaser is showing before screenings of the 3D version of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace in some regions.


Marvel Anime: Blade – " Island Lights"

A vampire business meeting! The Vampire High Council is unhappy with Deacon Frost, and they send Lucius Issac to inform Frost. The good Deacon needs a new blood sample to help with his genetic manipulation of vampires, and aims to grab one from Blade.

Archer – "Lo Scandalo"

Archer finds his mom with a gun in her hand and in the same room as a a man wearing a zentai (that's what the green man wears!) riddled with bullets and sitting in a bottomless chair. A normal day for Malory, no worries. Things make a swerve for the bizarre when it turns out the man in the zentai is the Prime Minister of Italy.


MAD – "My Little War Horse"

The mashup your great-grandparents clamored for - My Little Pony meets World War I! The ponies are sent to France to fight in the Great War, where they battle flying unicorns. Tintin shows up to help out the ponies, but he's late - the ponies and unicorns make peace and prepare for World War II.


Dan Vs. – "The Bank"

An io9 reader request! We all hate ATM fees, and when the New World Order Bank raises Dan's ATM fees, Dan decides to break into the bank and get his money back. This clip shows Dan at his best - making middle-age men cry and breaking bulletproof glass with his head.


Adventure Time – "Incendium"

In this episode (and clip) we get an amazing Get Up Kids-level emo song from Finn as he laments his unrealized love for Princess Bubblegum. To fill the hole in Finn's heart, Jake sets out for the Fire Kingdom in search of a lady for Finn, and meets the Flame King (voiced by Keith David - Captain Anderson from the Mass Effect series!) en route to wooing the Flame Princess.


Regular Show – "Butt Dial"

After a successful Game Night, Mordecai makes up a stream of consciousness song revealing his love for Margaret. While singing, Moredcai inadvertently leaves a leaves the song as a message on Margaret's voice mail. Moredecai and Rigby set out to capture Margaret's phone and delete the message, meeting the Phone Guardians in the process. Margaret eventually hears the song and makes it her custom ringback tone. I hate ringback tones, especially Bon Jovi ones.


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - "Hearts and Hooves Day"

On Heart and Hooves Day (Ponyville's version of Valentine's Day), the Cutie Mark Crusaders go to work. The Crusaders' teacher Cheerilee lacks a special somepony, and they set out to fine one. This clip technically aired last Saturday morning - if you turn on your television now (while staying on io9), you might be able to catch the new episode.


Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Mad air Monday nights on the Cartoon Network. Blade airs Friday nights on G4TV. Star Wars: The Clone Wars airs Friday nights on the Cartoon Network. Archer airs Thursday nights on FX. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Dan Vs. air Saturday Mornings on The Hub, when cartoons should air.


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It's too early in the morning for me. I initially thought Darth Maul was making an appearance on "My Little Pony" to fight a Jedi Warhorse.