A Sneak Peak at Greg Rucka's New Queen & Country Spy-fi Tale

This hard-as-nails espionage comic was one of the best books of the '00s. Now finished, Rucka is continuing the adventures of Tara Chace in prose. And he's just let slip a taste of his latest Q&C novel, The Last Run.

Greg Rucka's been a busy fellow as of late: He turned in one of the best Batman stories in recent memory — his run on Detective Comics with J.H. Williams III — which was all the more impressive for not featuring the Dark Knight, but rather Kate Kane, the vigilante socialite who rolled as Batwoman. He launched a new creator-owned book for Oni called Stumptown. And he decided to walk away from work-for-hire to focus on characters of his own creation — one of them being Tara Chace, one of the most complex characters of the last 10 years. Rucka hatched Chace — a British intelligence agent who's as proficient with her firearm as she's unproficient in her life — in the Queen & Country comics back in 2001, but after pulling the plug on the comics, Rucka's written two Q&C novels: Private Wars and A Gentlemen's Game.


And now Rucka's dropping a sneak peak of the third Queen & Country novel, The Last Run, due this coming October. As he explains on his blog:

Those who've read the Q&C series know that each novel begins with a "pre-operational briefing" centered on Chace. It's a conceit of the series, a means to introduce the protagonist and her world to newcomers, and it's always a fun insight into her character. For The Last Run it's no different.

So, if you wanna read that pre-op brief, bounce over here. Now, if only someone would get on a Queen & Country movie already...

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