Maika Monroe stars as Julia, a woman who’s trying to escape a house run by an evil AI in Tau.
Image: Netflix

It’s annoying when the thermostats, cameras, and other features of a smart home don’t work. When they’re trying to kill you, it’s another problem altogether. Netflix’s upcoming film, Tau, is focused on how one might get out of such a horrifying situation.

Directed by Federico D’Alessandro, Tau stars Maika Monroe (It Follows, The Guest) as a woman who’s abducted by an unhinged engineer, and must then try to escape a smart home controlled by a super-intelligent AI.

It looks like a scifi riff on the haunted-house genre, and it sounds like Gary Oldman is doing his utmost to do ultra-creepy voicework for the titular AI. More and more, through films like the Unfriended franchise, Searching, and others, technological proliferation and privacy anxiety are generating fodder for horror. We’ll see how Tau stacks up when it hits Netflix on June 29.


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