A serial killer dies in a hospital where his medical equipment is connected to a mainframe, so he's able to upload his consciousness into the cyber-world and turn appliances into slutty-babysitter-killing weapons of mass destruction.

This scene comes from Ghost In The Machine, the 1993 movie starring Raiders Of The Lost Ark's Karen Allen. Marion+hip-hop soundtrack = awesomeness.


That babysitter, incidentally? Was so asking for it. In the scene just before the above clip, she does a sexy dance for the two teenage boys she's babysitting, and she undoes her top and shows them her norks. That, plus watching In Living Color, are enough to mark her for death. I love how the washing machine is pre-programmed with messages like "explode" and "kill." But there's nothing symbolic at all about the way it explodes with white foam. Nope.

Is there any way to stop this deadly cyber-killer from coming into your house and turning every electronic gizmo into a deadly killer? Why, yes there is. Apparently, it doesn't know how to deal with pieces of tape and Q-tips:

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