A shot-for-shot remake of The Big Lebowski with Doctor Who

It's insane to me that this hasn't been attempted before, but someone finally mashed-up The Big Lebowski trailer and Doctor Who — although when I say "mashed-up" in this case, I mean "created a shining gem of Internet perfection." These urban achievers have re-enacted the Coen brothers' movie trailer, shot for shot (seriously, check out the amazing side-by-side comparison below!) except with Who characters in the appropriate roles, such as the Brig as Walter, Cybermen as the Nihilists, and the Master as Jesus. You can't tell me that casting isn't completely brilliant. If BBC was smart, they'd get on the phone, write the guys who made this a check and then pretend its part of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary celebration.

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I was expecting it to be actual footage from Dr Who and was going to be amazed. Instead... eh.