Illustration for article titled A Short Webcomic About Boy Who Loves To Pretend Hes An Evil Sorceress

A young boy feels powerful when he pretends to play the wicked sorceress in his backyard games, but the laughing of his next-door neighbor leaves him feeling powerless. Can he convince her to join in on the gender-bending fun?


Jay Fuller and Manta-Man creator Chad Sell co-wrote The Sorceress Next Door, which Sell drew. It's a sweet tribute to those childhood games of pretend, with a message about accepting what makes us feel powerful and not vanquishing our foes, but instead inviting them to share in the power of imagination. It's meant for all ages, and those of us who are grown might feel a twinge of nostalgia for lazy days spent spinning magical stories.

The Sorceress Next Door [Chad Sell Art]


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