We've seen such luxury end-of-the-world residences as the Vivos doomsday shelters, but Vivos aren't the only folks pioneering fallout chic. Meet Edward Peden and Larry Hall. The former deals in selling bunkers to prospective homeowners and survivalists, whereas the latter is helming a residential development known as the Survival Condo Project...

[...] a nearly 200 foot deep, nuclear blast-hardened hole in which contractors recently built a steel frame, not unlike that of a skyscraper. Once complete, the facility - located somewhere in the middle of Kansas - will offer half and full-floor residential units designed to withstand floods, electromagnetic pulses, and indirect nuclear strikes (among other things) for $2 million or $4 million, respectively. Features include "redundant infrastructure for power, water, air, and food; as well as ‘shared or common' facilities for extended off-grid survival."


You can read the full article about these fellows (and other Judgment Day refurbishers) over at The Verge.

[Via Laughing Squid]

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