A Shonen-Flavored Webcomic About Monsters Made Of Negative Emotions

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Baron Bones is the protagonist of Dan Ciurczak's webcomic Vibe and a monster fighter. When too many negative emotions well up in a person's body, they can turn into nasty monsters, and it's Baron's job to deal with those bad vibes.


Baron hasn't seen his sister Brigitte in five years. During that time, he's been training with his aunt to be a witch doctor. With the help of a trio of loa — superpowered spirits — Baron tracks down people who are overwhelmed by negative emotions and forces their emotion monsters to come out to play so he can cleanse them. As if fighting these monsters wasn't challenging enough, Baron soon has to deal with a far more powerful fellow, one who insists that Brigitte stole something from him. And to complicate matters, Baron has just made his first human friend, a girl whose bad vibes are too much for Baron and his loa pals to fight.

While Vibe borrows many of its concepts from Haitian Vodou (and popular representations of Vodou, with a bit of New Age-iness thrown in), its strongest influence is shonen manga. Baron merges with his loa companions (all of wise-cracking with little tolerance for Baron's constant pun-making), which imbues him with different looks and superpowers. Between the action-packed artwork and the vibrant colors, Baron's battles are incredibly fun to watch — and it makes for some great visual comedy when the bad vibe monsters invade Baron's daily life.


Of course, the cocky Baron will have some life lessons to learn along the way — about himself and his sister. It may be hard to be a fighter of bad vibes without accumulating a few bad vibes of your own.


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It's good, but it is another of those webcomics that barely ever updates.