There’s been a weird abundance of news regarding the Michael Bay-produced sequel to the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie over the last 24 hours. Bay’s given us the first look at Arrow’s Stephen Amell as Casey Jones, an Oscar winner has joined the cast, and also holy @#$% what is Megan Fox wearing

First up, Casey Jones!


Um, that’s totally a mold of an official Dark Knight Rises Batman mask, just was some crap glued over the mouth. The weird eye-ridges completely give it away. It’s not godawful, necessarily, but I fail to see how this is at all better than a regular hockey goalie mask.

If Casey’s look doesn’t do it for you, perhaps this will — incredibly talented, acclaimed actress Laura Linney has joined the cast. THR doesn’t know her role, or whether she joined the production because she lost a bet or someone has blackmail photos.

But however bad those theoretical blackmail photos may be, they’re probably not as bad as these photos of Megan Fox in some kind of “disguise” on the TMNT set (via Uproxx):


.....yuuup. Man, no one knows how bring a property targeted towards kids aged 5-10 to the big screen like Michael Bay. I, for one, look forward to many more scenes of Michaelangelo discussing in graphic detail how much he wants to have sex with human women.

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