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A Set Visit To Star Trek Beyond's Enterprise Reveals Some New Secrets

Illustration for article titled A Set Visit To iStar Trek Beyond/is Enterprise Reveals Some New Secrets

Entertainment Tonight visited the set of Star Trek Beyond recently, and they revealed some surprising things that we can look forward to, including one member of the crew who’s started a family.


Spoilers below...

Other revelations? The Enterprise is 2 years into its mission and the ship has ‘aged’ a bit, the sets are a bit more ‘retro’, and Sulu has a daughter! Could it be Demora, the daughter he has in Star Trek Generations?


John Cho mentions that the entire crew is somewhat homesick after being deep into space for so long, and it seems that his character is missing more than just the scenery. Cho hints that there’s a bit more when it comes to revelations for the baby that will come with the film.

There’s a couple of other videos as well, talking about how they’ll be looking back to the original Star Trek series. They also talk about the insane security around the script: each cast member has a unique document, with their names on it and with certain spelling errors that allow for it to be traced back to a single person.

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Hope Sulu’s spouse is a guy because damn if it’s not overdue.