A Set Injury Might Mean Major Delays for Cowboy Bebop

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John Cho, oh no! The star of the upcoming Netflix live-action version of Cowboy Bebop has had an on-set mishap, and it could mean that the series is a lot later than we thought it would be.


As reported by Variety, Cho, while filming a scene in New Zealand, sustained a serious knee injury. Due to the severity of the injury, and Netflix’s unwillingness to recast his role, Cowboy Bebop’s production has been halted for his recovery, which reportedly could mean seven to nine months of delays.

It’s not clear what happened precisely to cause the injury, but it was, according to a source, not a big stunt that would have been a likely villain for such a mishap. These things happen, though. One time I hurt my knee walking into the kitchen to get pasta. Couldn’t walk for two weeks. Had a bad time.


Anyway, Cho himself seems to be in good humor about the situation, posting a Bruce Lee quote on his Instagram: “Water can flow or it can crash.” And crash indeed it did. Also props to Netflix for sticking with Cho, who is a compelling choice for Spike Spiegel, the coolest bounty hunter alive.

Cowboy Bebop will resume production sometime next year. 

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Based on the vague descriptions I’ve read, it sounds like a non-contact injury, which probably means a torn ACL, which tracks with the 6-9 month recovery.

That’s a length of time I’ll gladly wait, happy they’re sticking with him.