If you love to hike and want to catch a glimpse of the elusive Area 51 with your binoculars, then you'll want to follow the trails people have posted on new hike-sharing site TrailBehind.

TrailBehind is a Google maps mashup that lets people share data (maps, pictures, and reviews) of recent hikes they've taken. And of course, Area 51 is one of those regions that people are a wee bit curious about. Turns out there's a lovely hike to the top of a local mountain, Tikaboo Peak, which gives you a perfect view of Area 51's distant buildings on a clear day. The trailhead is about 90 miles from Vegas, and you'll want to bring binoculars to watch the UFOs coming and going out at Area 51. Check out local Area 51 hikes here.


TrailBehind also has other hikes for fans of the weird and paranormal. There are a number of hikes for people who want to catch a glimpse of Nessie at Loch Ness. You can plug any region you like into the "search" field, and come up with everything from hikes through H.P. Lovecraft's beloved/feared Rhode Island forests to places you can camp near Dracula's Transylvanian haunts in the Carpathians.

via TrailBehind

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