A Second Star Wars Mythbusters is coming!

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Get ready for more geeky fun from Adam and Jaime! The Mythbusters are returning to a Galaxy Far Far Away with another Star Wars themed episode coming in July.


According to Cnet, the pair will test out the effectiveness of Stormtroopers and Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber duel:

The duo will blow up a boat, make a machine gun inspired by “Breaking Bad” and test the aim of “Star Wars” Stormtroopers in the midseason of “MythBusters,” starting July 18 on the Discovery Channel.


Photo credit: Discovery Channel


old Shuck ate bob_d

Huh, a Star Wars Mythbuster? I imagine it goes like this:

“So in Star Wars movie X, they did this, can that really-”


I saw a reference to something about the “The science of Star Wars” recently, which has the same problem - Star Wars is fantasy, not science fiction, and there’s nothing in the series with any grounding in reality. Might as well have “The science of Harry Potter/Mythbusters Harry Potter” (one of which probably is a thing that exists).