A Script Outline Shows How Star Trek: The Next Generation Almost Had Its Own Young Spock

Captain Kirk and Spock examine the Guardian of Forever portal in “City on the Edge of Forever.”
Captain Kirk and Spock examine the Guardian of Forever portal in “City on the Edge of Forever.”
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Star Trek: Discovery is getting ready to introduce Spock in its second season, but this isn’t the first time a non-Original Series show has tried to bring young Spock into its timeline. A script outline shows how we almost got two Spocks for the price of one in an early episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


The Twitter account trekdocs has shared a new look at the script outline for “Return to Forever.” Written by Tracy Tormé, who worked on early seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, it was originally going to be the second season premiere. The episode was designed as a spiritual successor to the popular Star Trek: The Original Series episode, “City on the Edge of Forever,” with both younger and older versions of Spock chasing a dangerous child through time using the Guardian of Forever portal. Here’s the tweet thread in its entirety:


The episode was supposed to see Leonard Nimoy return to his role as Spock, letting both his 24th and 23rd-century counterparts meet, but negotiations fell through and the episode ended up not happening. Luckily, Nimoy did eventually join the crew of The Next Generation in the two-part fifth season episode “Unification.” He also got to play an older Spock alongside Zachary Quinto’s Kelvin Timeline version in the 2009 film Star Trek.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

TNG got good when they stopped trying to retell ToS stories and told their own.