A Scifi Version of Heart of Darkness Is Happening for Some Reason

Detail from an older edition of Heart of Darkness.
Detail from an older edition of Heart of Darkness.
Image: Penguin Classics

Heart of Darkness is widely considered a classic of English-language literature, one that’s influenced and been adapted in a variety of ways, including the movie Apocalypse Now. One more adaptation is on the way, and it’s going to send the Joseph Conrad novel to space.


Variety reports that Sony’s streaming service Crackle—which, man, how is that still around?—is working on a starbound update of the 19th century novel. V and Grimm producer Cameron Litvack will act as the showrunner as well as write. The original book focuses on a Londoner named Charles Marlow’s journey into the African continent in search of an ivory trader named Kurtz, who wields cruel totalitarian power over a community of indigenous people.

The article in Variety says that the Crackle series will hit on the same thematic pillars as the novel, focusing on politics of race and colonization. Heart of Darkness is an odd choice to adapt and update because it’s a work that already had a huge influence on various creative media. But this is a thing that’s already in the process of heading to a platform that you might be hard-pressed to remember even exists.


Video games. Comic books. Blackness.


I hope they’ll remember to name the spaceships after elements from other Conrad fiction: “Nostromo”, “Narcissus”, “Sulaco” etc.

Or did someone already do that?