A Safety Inspector Begins to Realize How Unsafe She Is in the New Thriller Atomica

Image: Syfy Films

An isolated, run-down, maybe-haunted nuclear facility is not where you want to be trapped with anyone who might be going insane—but that’s what happens to safety inspector Abby (Sarah Habel) in Atomica. In this exclusive clip, Abby starts to have a bad feeling about the place soon after she arrives.

As a rule, anytime someone (in this case, a jittery character played by Dominic Monaghan) feels the need to handcuff a comatose person (played by Tom Sizemore, who specializes in loose cannons) for vague reasons, there’s immediate cause for concern. Here’s the full Atomica trailer, for a glimpse at what happens beyond the above exchange:

Atomica, directed by Dagen Merrill, is in theaters March 17 and on VOD and Digital HD on March 21.


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