A Rock Monster Tries To Save A Town In This Film. Someone Call Pixar.

A Tale of Momentum & Inertia is just one minute long, but it contains the sort of drama and humor we always hope to see in CG feature films. A rock monster tries to stop a falling boulder from crushing the village at the base of a mountain.

Kirk Kelley served as creative director and Kameron Gates served as director on this short, which was made at HouseSpecial in Portland. The studio does a lot of commercial work, and even those commercials feature plenty of fun CG characters. But we're looking forward to seeing more original narrative work from this group.

[via Vimeo Staff Picks]

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Wait a minute! The whole damn thing was caused by Rock Monster (cool name for an action star!!) in the first place, and then he just goes ahead and closes the deal there at the end??

For shame, Rock. For shame.