A Robot That Does Brain Surgery Guided by MRI

Most precision brain surgery is done with robotic assistance, but there's one place robots can't go: inside MRI brain scanners. Enter the neuroArm, a robot specially designed to work inside the powerful magnet of an MRI — and guided by the detailed images the MRI creates. Developed by surgeons and robotics experts at University of Calgary, the neuroArm combines the best of telepresence surgery with the best imaging technology. But how do you create a sophisticated robot, with delicate actuators, that can withstand being destroyed by a giant magnet? We've got the answer, and cool videos of the arm in action, below.


Here's an artist's rendering of a person undergoing brain surgery inside an MRI machine. Now surgeons can guide the robotic arms with even more precision, seeing exactly where each surgical tool goes as it enters your gray matter. So what is the robotic arm made of? Check out what the roboticists and surgeons who built it have to say in this video. And here's another picture of neuroArm, the brain surgery robot. Yup, it's just plain cool.

Images via AP.

Project neuroArm [University of Calgary]


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