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The city of tomorrow will be a lot more vertical, as more people are crammed into small spaces. So Berlin designers Julian Adanauer and Christoper Haas have created the Vertwalker, a robot the size of a Roomba that can climb walls and paint on them.


As John Brownlee explains in Fast Co. Design:

The main technology that drives the Vertwalker is a clever sealing lip on the underside of the Roomba-shaped robot that can hold a vacuum but doesn't create a lot of friction when moved. It was created independently of the Vertwalker by Achim Meyer, a friend and collaborator of the robot's creators, but the design duo over at Sonice immediately saw the possibilities: The system could be used to give a lightweight robot Spider-Man-like wall crawling powers.

"The Vertwalker works autonomously with a fixed set of rules that make use of the internal sensors and keep it within a specified area on the wall," Adanauer tells Co. Design. "A pattern then emerges from these rules. It can be interesting to see the unexpected art that comes when the robot's "perfect" digital rules come face to face with an "imperfect" material world."

Here's a video of the Vertwalker in action:


[via Fast Co. Design]

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