A rebel disguised as a woman teams up with a princess to kill the king

Princess Lavender has spent most of her life cloistered away from society and away from men—until she learned that one of her maids was a man in disguise. In fact, he's a rebel intent on murdering her father, the king, and Lavender finds herself determined to help him succeed.

Jamie Jennings' webcomic Lavender Legend begins as something of a screwball comedy, a battle of wills between the naive and sprightly Lavender and her terse maid Felicia. Because Lavender must stay in her tower, far from the eyes of men, she relies on her maids for companionship, and she finds herself drawn to Felicia who is handsome, mysterious, and so unlike the other women in Lavender's sphere. And she quickly learns why: Felicia is, in fact, a young man who was raised as a woman to avoid being drafted into the military. A lengthy war has depleted the male population of Meave, and Felicia has been working for Lavender as a spy, although he has decided to take up a new quest: to kill King Meavian XII who continues this war. Much to his surprise, Lavender wants to help him—or rather, she wants to travel to the capitol and confront the man who imprisoned her for so long. If Felicia wants to kill him, she'll support him in his mission.


From there, Lavender Legend becomes more of an epic, but one about two people trying to find their places in a world where they don't quite fit. Lavender is more than a bird in a gilded cage; her father has strange, apparently mystical reasons for keeping her away from men. She finds herself interacting with people for the first time in a realm where no one knows that she's the princess.

Felicia on the other hand, identifies as male but has always lived in a woman's world. Since he has managed to dodge Meave's compulsory military service, he hasn't had the male experience typical of his society. And as he gets older, he knows that it will be harder for him to pass as female, meaning that he may soon be expelled from the protections that his name and his wardrobe have afforded him. Without a place in the world, Felicia has come to view his life as meaningless, something that can only be worthwhile if it is thrown away on a grand act like killing the king. But just as he's prepared to die, he finds that he has let people into his life, and that maybe, he has even let the Princess Lavender into his heart.

After zooming in on the main characters for the first few chapters, world of Lavender Legend is just starting to open up, perhaps appropriately, as its characters have. Felicia and Lavender may not know quite where they belong, but they both have a strong desire to aid the people of Meave and uncover the king's dark secrets. And they'll find plenty of space to learn who they are in the wider, war-torn world.

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