The true nature of our warrior plumbers and the mushroom people they destroyed is revealed in this amazing tee from Dr. McNinja. More truth-telling tees await you below.

You can't get more realistic than this tee that proclaims, Terry Bisson style, "I am made of meat!" You can find it, and proclaim your true biological function, here.

Then there's the secret history of Alien's love for Predator, which you should proclaim loud and proud on your chest. You can get the tee here, and get some alien/predator love action here [NSFW].


And just to put all of this in perspective, we have the most truthful shirt of all, which offers us a chart explaining why the humor of memes like the ones on these tees is inversely proportional to their popularity. Let the world know the true worth of memes by buying this meme-laden shirt here.