Jordan Chiles harnesses the strength of Wonder Woman to compete at the USA Gymnastics Championships.
Image: USA Gymnastics (YouTube)

Diana of Themyscira isn’t just a goddess who’s destined to save humankind, she’s also a stellar athlete. Gymnast Jordan Chiles took to the floor during this year’s U.S. Championships to honor everything Wonder Woman. And while she may not have taken home the gold, she did steal our hearts.

During the 2018 USA Gymnastics Championships, Chiles sported a sparkly and gorgeous Wonder Woman leotard, taking inspiration from Gal Gadot’s movie costume. She also used the Wonder Woman theme song during her floor routine—becoming the latest professional athlete to show off their inner nerd at the highest levels of competition. Olympic champion Simone Biles took home the gold in every category, but she didn’t cosplay on the I’d say she didn’t win every award.

Chiles won the silver medal at last year’s competition but this year placed 12th overall and placed second for her vault performance. And, as someone who tried gymnastics for one day but gave up after a failed somersault turned into a bloody nose, let me just say that I don’t care if she didn’t win. She’s still performing feats few of us could dare to dream.

Like this one, for instance.
Image: USA Gymnastics (YouTube)

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