Real superheroes usually create their own crime-fighting monikers, but one freelance do-gooder in Wenatchee, Washington (a.k.a. "The Apple Capital of the World") has assumed the mantle of Marvel Comics' "Merc With A Mouth," the deranged assassin Deadpool. Malefactors beware.


Fortunately for the citizens of Wenatchee, their Deadpool is a mercenary of munificence who just wants to help folks in need. The Wenatchee World recently interviewed the hero (via pay phone) and learned why he became the protector of this north-central Washington city of approximately 30,000 residents:

Wenatchee's Deadpool said he chose his character "because I allied with his humor and his ideal that what once was bad can become something better and good. .... And not his outlook on heroism or his methods." [...] Deadpool said the idea to dress up and help people "just came to me one day."

He acknowledged, however, that the costume thing has its drawbacks. It makes him hot when the sun's out, and it seems to put some people off.

"I tried to help a woman out of the rain the other day and she didn't really want to take my umbrella," he said. "I think she was kind of intimidated."


But why did this 20-to-30-year-old Wanatchee resident assume the identity of an unhinged murderer? To become a beacon of hope to others, of course.

"It takes a certain kind of crazy to do this," he said, "But it takes a certain kind of sanity to help others. I want to inspire people to what a model citizen could be and what a helping hand can be like."


If you're in the Wenatachee metro area, you can summon Deadpool and his crime-fighting prowess by sending him an electronic mail on the world wide web:

Deadpool has been putting up flyers around town so people know what he's up to and won't be alarmed when he rushes to help them. He asks anyone who needs help with just about anything to contact him via email at

I'm convinced this is actually the Deadpool from comic books. He finally broke through the fourth wall and was in the mood for a Golden Delicious. Also, I hope we soon see a Cable-inspired vigilante who's grafted a carburetor onto his bicep and fights crime with a panoply of pouches festooned about his torso.


[Spotted on Bleeding Cool. Photos by Don Seabrook.]