A Real Close-Up Look at Ant-Man Facing the Villainous Yellowjacket

Marvel may have its most stylish villain since Loki in Yellowjacket (Corey Stoll), now that we have a shot of Darren Cross, in his suit, looking very much like he's about to squish Ant-Man.

The image was released by Entertainment Weekly, and it does everything it can to make Scott Lang look outmatched:


While Ant-Man's suit is underpowered in looks, director Peyton Reed assures us that it's not quite as bad as it looks:

“Hank Pym’s Ant-Man suit doesn’t have a single weapon,” says director Peyton Reed (Yes Man), “whereas Yellowjacket is armed with plasma cannons.”

That would make the first big showdown between the foes, pictured here, a decided mismatch, right? Maybe not. “Ant-Man is very fast when he’s small,” he says. “Also, when he shrinks, he increases his density, so he’s got increased strength.” (Not to mention that ant-whispering power, which plays a crucial role in Lang’s attempt to steal Yellowjacket’s garb.)

This jives with Stoll's earlier comments that his character is obsessed with the technology created by his mentor, Hank Pym. Earlier this year, he told Entertainment Weekly:

Now, I've discovered my own version of that technology and I'm using it for militaristic purposes. I've even started to use the technology myself, which as a sort of psychotic effect on people if they use it too much. I can't get into the details of all the goodies of the Yellowjacket suit but it's several generations advanced from what Ant-Man has. And then I put it on—and then I am Yellowjacket!


Looks like Cross is going to have quite a backstory behind his villainy.

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