A Raya and the Last Dragon Deleted Scene Hints at a Whole Other Version of the Film

Raya and the Last Dragon is now available for digital download.
Raya and the Last Dragon is now available for digital download.
Image: Disney

Disney animated films are famous for changing radically during production. Whole storylines, characters, anything can be scrapped at any moment if they’re deemed to not be working. Once that happens though, it’s rare you ever get to see the earlier versions. But you’re about to see just that from Raya and the Last Dragon.


Slashfilm debuted one of the deleted scenes from the upcoming home release of the film and it’s from basically a different version of the movie. Raya is more of a Robin Hood type protector. Her sword has powers it doesn’t in the finished movie. Even the villainous Druun, who made the final movie, look and act completely different here. Check it out.

See what we mean? A completely different movie. A darker movie, it seems like. In fact, it’s so different calling it merely a “deleted scene” almost feels too small. It’s more “a sneak peek at a whole other version of the movie.”

Raya and the Last Dragon, the final version, is currently available on Disney+ with Premier Access and it’s also on other digital platforms as of today. The Blu-ray with this deleted scene and many other extras will be out May 18. Head back to the Slashfilm link for the full specs.

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Mini Moose

If anyone is interested in stuff like this, y’all should watch The Sweatbox. It’s about the crazy production of Emperor’s New Groove. How it started as one movie and turned into another when it wasn’t working. Plus its a real indepth look on how Disney animators and their how executives makes movies.

If I remember right Disney tried to keep this from being put out for a while till some random person uploaded it online.