A corporate dominatrix can see your most secret sexual fetishes at a glance, in this weird clip from The Fold, a raunchy new webseries that debuts tomorrow. If Torchwood's blend of science fictional sauciness left you unsatisfied, The Fold will probably hit all of your sweet spots. Time travel sex, interdimensional hot tubs, psychic S/M, orgasms from space and World Of Warcraft are just some of the bizarre SF concepts The Fold hits on. Click through to see the NSFW trailer, with a few spoilers. After watching the first few episodes of The Fold, I'm having a really hard time summarizing it. There's a weird signal from outer space that turns everyone who hears it into a sex-crazed maniac. And a young genius with Asperger's Syndrome invents a time machine and uses it to go back in time and meet a mostly naked Joan Of Arc. That's just the first few minutes, and the plot gets stranger and more convoluted as it goes along. A lot of the fun of watching The Fold is just seeing what surreal or perverted turn it'll take next. You have to assume that the strands of the plot will draw together at some point. Here's the R-rated trailer (and you can view the PG-rated version here.) Click to view
THE FOLD trailer UNCENSORED! (18+ please!) from Matt Lambert on Vimeo. The Fold is co-written by Polly Frost, whose erotica collection Deep Inside was published by Tor Books, and who had a rare science fiction story in the New Yorker. The thing I like about The Fold is fact that it straddles the camp/surrealism line in a very Jack Smith-esque way. Just when you think you're settling down for 15 minutes of all-out silliness and winking, it throws a moment of serious, disturbing weirdness. There are some debates simmering below the surface, for instance about whether time travel should go "the way of the internet," allowing perverts to have sex with Neanderthals, but there's also just a lot of stuff that's kind of demented and weird, including a hot tub scene that turns into something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's probably going to be either too racy, or too weird, for most science fiction fans. But a vocal minority of SF viewers will embrace The Fold with wanton glee. [TheFold]