White harbour porpoises are so rare that only 15 sighting have been recorded in the past 100 years. Last week, an amateur photographer caught sight of such a creature in the Baltic Sea and captured it on video.


The footage and photographs were taken by Peter Hofmann.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservatory, who received the footage from Hofman, reports:

Usually the harbour porpoise has a robust dark body, with a white or pale grey belly. They tend to be shy creatures and seldom come close to boats. However, on this occasion the porpoise was unusually curious, swimming close to the boat and following the crew for a while. The porpoise was accompanied by a more typical grey member of the species.

Previously, a white harbour porpoise stranded in Germany in 2013, probably after getting injured by a marine propeller. “White harbour porpoises are very rare, so every sighting is a major event” according to Fabian Ritter, marine biologist at WDC. “It is important to report such sightings. They are of great scientific value to us.”

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Albinism is rare among cetaceans, but a number of sightings have been made over the years, including Migaloo, a spectacular all-white humpback whale.

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Image credits: Peter Hofman/Youtube


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